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Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb is an educator, storyteller, and spiritual mentor. A skilled life-purpose and personal improvement coach, her lectures and workshops are both inspirational and practical. She's been giving classes across the country on emotional and physical health, natural foods, and fitness training since before the words became trendy. Frumma has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show,
and was featured in the runaway best-seller Small Miracles. She has also served as a Chabad House Director, founder of the Jewish Women’s University and the original Jewish Mommy & Me, Principal of the second-largest Jewish Day School in America, educational mentor, and
CEO of Torah Toys, Inc.

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Simcha Gottlieb is a physician, teacher, writer, and film maker. As a licensed practitioner and graduate-level professor of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, he has pioneered the integration of traditional healing arts with the wisdom of Torah. Simcha contributed to the budding consciousness of the whole foods world in the 70’s as editor of Meir Michel Abehsera’s writings, and continued on to become a respected natural healer in his own right. As a producer of Jewish educational media, his credits include the first satellite television broadcasts of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, as well as videos and radiodramas that entertained a generation. An eloquent translator and teacher of Chassidus, he has led workshops in Jewish meditation, and served as Director of the Ivy League Torah Study Program.

Back in the day...

From a prep-school upbringing in the rarefied world of the Kennedys and the
Breakers’ Ball, Frumma embarked on a vision quest that took her from the beaches and jungles of Kauai to the high peaks of Colorado.   In Boulder, she founded a chain of natural foods markets, the Green Mountain Grainery, home of Celestial Seasonings Teas. Then, at a pivotal point in her spiritual journey, she left her farm on the western slope of the Rockies, to study Chassidus and raise her family in the
nurturing environs of the Jewish community...

Simcha came of age on tour with the Living Theater, an avant-garde troupe that revolutionized experimental theater in the turbulent ‘60s. By the early seventies, he had settled in upstate NY, where he owned and operated one of America’s first natural foods restaurants, the now-legendary “Belly of the Whale.” A trained and certified teacher of Eastern meditation techniques, he soon took a sharp turn toward his own uprooted origins, enrolled in Yeshiva, and began raising a family in the Chassidic enclave of Crown Heights, Brooklyn...

Their lives and careers converged. Today they are partners, dedicated to continuing the work. Together they are creating and conducting dynamic workshops that unite the inner dimension of Torah with effective tools for cultivating physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

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