What People Are Saying About SOULSCULPTORS

"What can I say? You touched the hearts and neshamas of everyone who was fortunate to join us for the evening!
Thank you for being you, for sharing yourselves so authentically and generously!"

Helana Herman
Shlucha, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Frumma has a profoundly interesting and clear way of teaching any subject, from hashkafa (childrearing, marriage) to
Sichos and Chumash. I have experienced her teaching many times and have written many articles based on
things she has taught me. My suggestion - try to get her!!!"

Rishe Deitsch, Editor
N'Shei Chabad Journal

"My people were mesmerized by Frumma's presentation... her saga is delivered with
articulate elegance and the message is great!"

Rabbi Yitzchok Newman, Principal
Hebrew Academy of Orange County, California

"Simcha & Frumma were a captivating duo. They gave a most interesting and informative lecture,
all with wonderful humor. They shared with us some very practical tips for healthful eating and lifestyles,
all sourced in the teachings of the Rambam. The cooking demo was great - easy and quick,
yet the food was incredibly delicious and at the same time, highly nutritious."

Louiza Frankforter, President
N'shei Chabad of Greater Miami

"We keep flying Frumma back again and again. No matter who's in the audience they all seem to love her."

Rabbi Kasriel Kastel, Director
TZACH, Brooklyn, NY

"You guys are brilliant; you’re funny and you’re so informative! Thank you for the great evening!
Everyone learned a lot... Much hatzlacha in everything that you do."

Mimi, Miami Beach

"During your talk at The Melave Malke nobody moved! They were spellbound by your touching presentation.
So glad you came to Boulder for the Convention.

Chani Scheiner
Shlucha, Boulder, Colorado

"While the natural foods industry was still in its infancy... Frumma used her natural abilities as a charismatic teacher
and lecturer to interest hundreds of people in the Boulder area in natural food cooking... an inspiration
and a starting point for many individuals who are now giants in the industry."

Mo Siegel, Founder and CEO
Celestial Seasonings Teas, Inc.

"Simcha has been coaching me for almost a year. I can finally sleep, I've turned from a night person into a day
person. And I have an appetite! Why didn’t I go to him a long time ago?


"Thank you for your presentation at the recent Kinus HaMechanchos. You played an important role in making
the Kinus the success that it was, and we are grateful for it.... Thank you for being so
generous with your time and efforts on behalf of our conferees."

Rabbi Nochem Kaplan, National Director
Merkos Education Office

"I made the tofu dip that you did at the N'shei event, came out great! And I got the daikon and the
fennel as well for dipping - the kids took the leftover to school for!"

Miami Beach

"My refrigerator looks like a garden now. You lit up my life!

Shlucha, South Florida

"Thanks Frumma you are ALWAYS a great inspiration!! We got great feedback on your talk."

Toby Baron
Shlucha, Chabad of Sunny Isles

"I went to Frumma's workshop on 'Goals, Purpose and Intention' at the Convention and
called her the next day to come and present for our Women's spa event.

Devorah Leah Dubov
Shlucha, Orlando, Florida

"Your presentation on the Rambam was great! The slide show was really interesting, the cooking fun and
delicious, and so beautifully displayed..."

Rochel Gordon
Shlucha, Miami Beach, Florida

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