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What Is Soulsculpting?

blue ridge mountains
The Blue Ridge Mountains - Soulsculpting Road Tour, Summer 2009

SOULSCULPTING is our word for creating a fuller life — learning to live from our highest selves, empowering and integrating all our parts.  It is the art and science of growing happier, healthier, more effective, and better aligned with our true purpose in life. Drawing from the wellsprings of inner wisdom, we cultivate wholeness of heart, mind and soul - to infuse all our endeavors with positive, creative, productive energy.

There is no shortage of wise advice in the libraries, bookstores, classrooms and websites of the world. Harder to find, however, is the training, the guidance, the tools we need to internalize truth, to truly own and apply what we're learning as we grow.

Take a moment to remember some of the best times of your life. Whether they've been frequent or few and far between, we've all had glimpses here and there that have made it all seem worthwhile - experiences that could fill a life with meaning, with purpose, with joy... if only we could sustain them.

We can. There is an inner spark within each of us that knows where it's coming from, and where it wants to go. At times we feel a profound connection to this inner essence, an openness to this flow of creative energy. With practice we can make it last.

Soulsculptors is a community of kindred spirits dedicated to discovering and cultivating the resources and the tools that put inner wisdom to work in our everyday lives. Our core intention is to bring together all who seek such qualitative growth with the information, events, workshops, coaching, and camaraderie that can make it happen and keep it real.

Like the sculptor who sees his work of art within a block of stone and merely removes what's in the way, the Soulsculptor's task is simple. The soul itself, the Sages say, does not need tikkun - rectification - at all. But the world around us decidedly does. When it's the soul that does the sculpting, the world becomes our art form, our studio, our stage, our playground. What could be more meaningful, and more fun?

Soulsculpting is about making this world - our communities, our families, our relationships, our lives - a dwelling place for the Divine. It begins with the connection to the essence of the soul. Our sources are rooted in the innermost aspects of Torah; our tools are the artifacts of human hearts and minds. We delight in rendering the ordinary extraordinary, in unveiling the oneness that both distinguishes and unifies the sacred and the mundane.

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